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Info for E.L.I.A.

How It Works is an efficient and simple system that delivers extensive help to our users. It works in a two-way system:

        For   COMPANIES

Companies who wish to gain exposure and expand their potential of marketing their product or service subscribe with
We place these companies’ listings in their respective category (such as Food, Health, Jobs, Posts, etc.) so users can easily find them. Companies listings’ include their relevant details including name, address, email/fax, business hours, photos, location of map, directions, sales, and other information, even personalized messages for clients.
Users interested in your business can easily contact you from the information provided.

        For   USERS

Users looking for a specific product or service can easily use to find relevant companies that sell that product or service.
With our easy to use site, users can browse various listings of their interested category and find the business that best suits their needs.
Using the information provided, users can connect with the business they like.