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Info for E.L.I.A.

Europeans living in America primarily seeks to promote European-style businesses in the USA because
we observed that there was no similar promotion and networking resource available for them.


For instance, approximately 22.7% of Illinois immigrant population consists of 
European immigrants, and the numbers are increasing day by day.

These immigrants come here seeking better opportunities. is committed to recognizing the talent, economical contribution, and hard work these immigrants dedicate to us.
We believe our economy is one that is attached to the global world and the European-style businesses are only working to strengthen this.
We look to most the most of the gifts these immigrants bring to us. will promote not just European-style businesses but also help other Europeans find the products and services that bring them a little bit closer to home.
This way, we are creating a website that connects  "Europeans living in America"  to relevant products and services but also establishes them properly in the US market.


To accommodate our focus on European-style businesses, will also offer further assistance to our clients by providing professional translation for their listings in various European languages so they can get more exposure, build more contacts, and grow.