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Business opportunity for you 

  • "Who Else Wants To Dominate Their Competitors, Get Loads Of Exposure For Their Product, Service Or Web Site, And Triple Their Income?"

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    Dear friend, 

    Let’s face it. We both know that it all comes down to getting exposure to your business, products or services. The math is simple and you don’t have to be a ‘rock’ scientist to figure it out.

                             No exposure = No customers = No sales = No Money

    Even a 5 year old kid can understand such simple formula.

    Now, if you have been trying hard to get exposure, customers, sales and profit from your business, you should pay attention to what I’m about to say on this page.


    Because in the next few paragraphs of this page, I’m going to tell you how to easily get your business in front of millions of people who are searching for your products and services.

    But before I do that, let me ask you this:

                            Are You Frustrated With How Difficult It Is to Get Enough Customers For Your Business, Products and Services?

  • My name is Lumy Simon, the CEO of the first ever network and directory for European-style businesses in the USA.

    Truth is: the internet offers a wealth of opportunity, yet frustratingly building a thriving business can be remarkably difficult.

    If you have a good product or service to offer and you’ve invested money, time, and effort into your business, what you now need most is quality targeted customers that are hungry and primed for what you have to offer.

                             Now, Let Me Ask You A Few Questions…

    Do you have a product or service to sell?

    Are you getting tired of costly adverts and promotions that rip you off?

    Are you interested in increasing your sales by 1000%?

    If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve found the solution!

    With this solution, you can immediately get your products, services and offers in front of a highly targeted audience; and you can do so for affordable price !

                             What Is The Solution?

    It is
  • is an online directory of European-style products and services available in the US. Companies who wish to gain exposure and expand their potential of marketing their product or service use this directory to grow their business beyond their wildest imagination.

    We are delighted to introduce affordable listing medium to enable you reach a great part of your potential market.

    So if you are trying to build your brand and reach a large audience for your products or services, look no more; is the right place for you to get started! 

                 We Are Building Our Reputation As The Only Dependable Promotion And Networking Resource For European-style Businesses In The US.

    Our audience is over 22.7% of the US population who are Europeans living in America and who are sophisticated, discerning and know the difference between real value and hype.

    They appreciate what's beautiful in the world and have a curiosity to learn.

    If you think your business, products or services match our type clientele, please visit to find more details about advertising in directly for so good price.

                 Advertising On Can Be The Most Powerful Method Of Marketing You Need To Put Your Business On The Fast Track To Unlimited Growth.

    As the only directory and online advertising  platform for European-style business in the US, we can offer you an unrivalled opportunity to get new customers ready to patronize you.

    From local businesses to national brands, we offer a unique opportunity to advertise your products and services to a captive and receptive audience.

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                 The Truth Is: There Are Potentially Millions Of Targeted Buyers Willing To Purchase Your Product Or Service…And We Are Providing You With A Medium To Reach Them

    If you have any sort business or website, you'll already know the need to advertise to bring visitors and customers to your business.

    However the big problem is that most online advertising platforms can be very expensive - often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars/month.

    On top of this, some of them offer very poor returns, using tiny text ads which do not offer sufficient room to properly show off your product or service.

    The result is that many potential customers never click on your ad, because it doesn't even catch their eye.

    There's also the problem of "curiosity clicks", where visitors are unsure what you are offering - because the ad is so short - and click on your ad just to see what it is. If you're using pay-per-click, this ends up costing you money for zero benefit.

    Clearly what you need is a more qualitative way to showcase your business - and of course zero advertising cost.

    Now, that is what you’ll get when you subscribe to

              A Way To Put Your Message In Front Of The Right Audience Without Spending A Lot Of Hard Earned Dollars

    You see, anybody who has something important to offer does that through an important medium like this important directory.

    Subscribe to today and watch your brand explode with maximum exposure and your business swarm with customers, sales and most importantly profit…like you’ve never seen before!

                             Click here to register and get started immediately

           Here Are The Benefits To Subscribing Listings Or Ads With Euro4USA.Com:

    *     Gain exposure from having your ads permanently in our directory

    *     Increase sales potential

    *   Be easy to find online, double your chances of being sought by being on search engines and on

    *     Enjoy gaining visibility of the traffic that comes to

    *     Make your business look professional by having a specific ad listed in our directory. Ads listed as such define a business as authentic, reliable, and professional.

    *     Be a part of an online network that caters primarily to European-style businesses like yours.

    *   Be accessible to European customers who are looking to attain services from European-style businesses.

                 You Can Display Your Products and services On Any Targeted Category Of Your Choice

    Our website is split into separate niche-targeted categories to provide the best experience for our visitors.

    You can have your ad shown on any of our categories, just by selecting them from a list.

    You can choose from a variety of targeted categories, including:  Services, Jobs, Health, Automotive & Boats, Beauty & Spa, Institutions, Shopping, Matrimonial, Sales & Donations and many more …

    This simple solution allows you to address your products and services to the right targeted audience.

                        And You Can Easily Manage Your Listing By Yourself

    You'll have your own membership area that you can log into at any time to see how your listing is performing.

    Your membership area also allows you to make changes to your listing at any time you want - changing any aspect of your ad - or even replacing it with a completely new ad.

    To create your ad, you simply type your ad text into the boxes in your members area and use the Browse button to upload your photo from your own PC (all photos are hosted on our website automatically to make it really easy for you).

     Your members area will show you exactly what your listing looks like, allowing you to tweak it until you are 100% happy with everything.

    This whole solution is designed to make it quick and easy to ensure our service provides you with maximum response for your listing.

                             Click here to register NOW

                 Don’t Forget That Our directory Is Absolutely Affordable!

    There are many other advertising solutions available on the Internet, but few even come close to the superb, high-impact ads on our system.

    Using other advertising solutions such as those available through the top search engines, you can easily pay up to a dollar or more per visitor, just for a very basic advertisement. 

    Expensive advertising can make it very difficult for you to generate a profit each month...

    However unlike the multi-billion dollar search engines and Pay-Per-Click ad networks, we have a genuine desire to help business owners, most of whom cannot afford to pay such high advertising costs.

    That's why, for a limited time, we're giving you a chance to register with our directory for

                            ONLY $1/month for first 6 months.

    We're sure you'll agree that our low cost platform represent an absolute bargain compared to other advertising offers.

                 The Bottom Line Is: We Can Help You Stand Out From The Crowd…

    So what are you waiting for?

    Start advertising in to get better exposure, more customers, sales & PROFIT than all your competitors!

    For enquiries please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

                 Click here to Register for ONLY  $1 and get started immediately

    We look forward to helping you dominate your competitors, get more customers, make more sales and skyrocket your profit.

    The Team