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Our mission and vision

  • is built on a dual-ended mission: one is to help business owners living in America to effectively market, network, and sell their products and services, and the other is to help users find the right product or service they are in search for.

  • Our vision is to establish a solid and successful network for entrepreneurs and businesses and play our part in making European immigrants in USA feel welcomed and appreciated for their contribution to our nation.

We have the mission for 2018
The Program 1000‚Äč - 300
which means we are proposing:

  • to help at least   300 companies to increase earnings by  1000%  (10 times more)
  • to help at least 1000 companies to increase earnings by   300%    (3 times more)

The first 100 enrolled businesses will be for Free !

When the businesses are more prosperous, the community gets stronger. A healthy business environment creates the basis for a balanced, healthy community / society.

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